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How to Meet New People When You Retire

Tuesday, October 11 2016

How to meet new people when you retire?

Social Wellness ~ Meeting new people, making new friends and growing as a person

Meeting new people can often seem like a daunting task. The internet is a great starting place to connectwith like-minded individuals but it will never replace the human need of interacting face to face. A Duringthe time I worked for a community action agency, one of my the responsibilities of my job was to meet weekly with local community leaders and business owners. This opportunity allowed me to mature both as a person and also a nonprofit professional.

Why would you want to meet new people?

As we mature so does our desire to grow and expand our network of friends. This is completely healthy and yet so many of us struggle with connecting with others outside of our direct center of influence such as family, church and co-workers.I've compiled a list of 50 places you can meet new people within your community, expand your relationships and even find volunteers for your nonprofit outreach or build a business!

Social Wellness: 50 Places to Meet New PeopleA

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